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Toothbrush Skincare Treatment

Every time during treatment, and that beauty is the talk non-stop diet, many times before, "I feel the weight fall off as well.." And consultation. That fall in due season but I know skinny, This month is very difficult to clear the target, a little impatient. So, I got introduced to your diet

Even now, "the coldness of the pool you had not," you and advice, Re-entered the gym or another (not too hard work, I go by 3 weeks), the beauty and self-DVD to you for Yai. "The person who you like best," and talk to me riding on the always empathetic, happy cheering presence.

Has taught me nearly everything I tried, the better off among them, yeast drink drink, even the name "cobon (Kobon)"! Previously, because I've drank beer yeast, Profound. First, what and why yeast. The bacteria are different from Westerners and Japanese good health. Constipation-yogurt, but I think many people image, yogurt (lactic acid) is Short bowel, I was told that the constitution suitable for carnivorous Westerners. Ino Takeshi Japanese intestines, cereals and vegetables, mainly because of the diet, helps fermentation and decomposition, and natural yeast is suitable to facilitate eating fiber.、Yasushi Ken yeast strains are derived from eating Japanese food, is said to lactic acid, derived from the Western food culture.



Health, smoking and obesity

I quit smoking. Of course, before the price hike (September 30) since January, from 4 months to stop now. I decided to try to alleviate a little pressure due to rising household smoke cigarettes were aligned in a couple. Nikopatchi without using, without even Pipo If you spend money to quit smoking without going to the hospital too, of course, there is no sense in me to quit smoking.

My husband knew before, that smoking in such a suck up in front of Pakapaka is very difficult. Just yell, the spirit will not stop smoking! And everyone (TV as well) says that Let us stop in the guts! Started life in the form of non-twisted me to say. Once past the tough climax! And says, be honest still "breath" the feeling is. We can not afford because there is no

The only relying only on foreign-made candy mint system. Even so, eating like a stupid idiot I did not for cigarettes. The place was quite bearable and the pain was so contrary
(A personal impression)

From this stop smoking in just such a delicious feeling you eat, and increased appetite. Enjoying the autumn of appetite rolling, I was 6 kg weight increase time we noticed.In less than a month after it stopped too.'s Kind of nice is fertile, but young to have a friend's wedding and furniture in the middle of November,Attendance could be wearing a dress because it was somehow successfully managed to hand, quite panicked. Purchase of a new generation control congratulations Renakattara wear - is spending too much pain from the clothes

Once things look good later in the New Year and noted that the chopsticks themselves. I knew that I often heard to say to quit smoking and get fat, grow fat quickly and did not expect to here All parts of the body with fat, chunky feel you twist your body feel a little meat. Once the fat with, without any'll fall a little and gently

Just plain and straight - the way to the metabolic syndrome. It is indeed Yavai wondering, and eat, but often to check while considering the amount of weight ・ ・ ・ I stopped maintaining the status quo 。Smoking and obesity when compared to a healthy or at high risk or more? Both my health! Once it is said, given the stress associated with it have no words to return, I wonder if not the most unhealthy stress? Why do not you stop smoking (After all, my conclusion and my personal) fat eventually stretch enough to surprise, and injurious to health or the best?


※ The Colle is a personal opinion and thoughts and results, not in true million. Even with the cost of smoking is the best way to be running for your own non-smoking.  Practice and noted that cooperation is essential around. I like the way smoking does not recommend never there I'm thinking some people stop smoking from such a cynical place - you'll think.


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Advanced Core and Butt Exercise - Diet.com Video

This site is like speaking of good health are diet and healthy products are introduced, I abandoned it too difficult to maintain portion. I miss the feature of this site is there.I miss the feature of this site is there. Not only the health and diet, I'll have to align the body-friendly household goods that you want to check Habarudetokkuti neko. Excellent condition every day! Excellent condition every day! I like this is the best of health. Beauty, the story is, I think anyone interested in topics. In particular diet for a variety of information has really. I heard recently, the popular thing right now pelvis correct diet, whatever, it seems that a breakthrough that means your body shape simply by correcting the sacrum. Others, in addition to the diet of the body, there are many voices who want to slim the body areas of concern. Although part of the way There are many diet skinny, skinny legs and the way it seems, especially around the stomach is high demand. Also on cosmetic surgery, and now it has become common. Who receive little nip and tuck is like double eyelid is increasing every year, but they also gaining in popularity there an easy thing rather than large-scale operation. -Hyperhidrosis who has body odor, you hear that much cheaper Hyperhidrosis surgery.

腋臭 多汗症の方には、多汗症 手術もかなりお安くなっていると聞きます。


Unknown Livelihood Improvement _diet_Fat_higher blood sugar _Bimaruwan_metabolism

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Unknown Livelihood Improvement

I also came up several topics related to diet. Oh you know it! From thinking that the truth! ?There also like to scream out loud. Let's turn to examine.

"Fat and leave the television on your computer in sleep" -

University of experiments in mice and slept in that twilight state was still blood sugar went up. This is the first time I knew.

From the fat may indeed make it out to put a lot of fat to lower insulin and higher blood sugar levels it?

"Eat small amounts of fat to eat and sleep when you go to bed"

That the amount of fat to eat less than usual is that when you wake up bright and natural sleep. It could be convinced.

BMAL1 (Bimaruwan) I'll go to bed and increases when the proteins that give an order of fat.)

"People can get fat eating a high temperature"

(Sometimes the really good sleep metabolism )



diet_Water, apple juice _juice_red meat and vegetables _vinegared rice_Fried chicken_baked egg_carrot_radish

Japan vs. USA Diet, Why Japanesse Men and Women Live So Long, Nutrition by Natalie

In the morning, I entered the diet during the reset period finished about two weeks! Implantation

Water, apple juice (100% - straight) half a cup, juice 1L399 yen at the supermarket. Expensive but more efficient to squeeze every morning and think that the economic fruits

 Even though the first day of diet period, and run out the red meat and vegetables ... Ikuno rice (vinegared rice), Fried chicken, frozen, baked egg, radish and carrot

Soup will be


The air is dry_candy_candy in the mouth_running_cold

The air is dry. In various places in the city, especially getting a dry throat. . Around this time, several throat candy, and I like to carry a small bag.

If putting the candy in the mouth, during which the lips are always so natural nose breathing and mouth breathing, not to become too cold prevention.

I also feel tired in that it became difficult to consume the sugar little by little. Candy shop feeling old, semi-transparent container large fridge I housed together in one came to buy candy.

Open the lid, and very convenient to quickly choose the type you want, a little fun. Wow TV is dried warning. I'm certainly dry, feeling too much hype.

Only recently dish is the aroma of palmarosa state home humidifier running in its own way almost figurines. Tea Tree 3 - 4 times because there is antibacterial, I prevent a cold.



Just tell readers of this blog! Weight-loss method?

My Weight Loss Video Blog #1

Just tell readers of this blog! Weight-loss method?

Today is a subject matter so as holiday

Weight and body fat percentage by measuring the weight loss has nightly Xperia has recently entered a rapid descent to the peak has been 11 months.

This is a daily chart from late 10's. It is 8 percent body fat - even before the October decline was the continued rise in November. From the diet is doing around May 11? I'll tell just how readers of this blog!

One of them. First, push - up to 20 times before going to bed, sit-ups 20 times, 20 times of the backbone. However, any "cheating" is loose enough to be felt not so.

The firm push - up bending the arm, get up a little too much abs, spine in the same condition. And every day you do not, and-again.

The two. Recently switched to the 350cc evening drink malt beer that was full of beer cans and cans of beer on the rocks of shochu. Seems rather low in calories and it alone.

And economically!

The three. After that I keep in place some days 8 min after Zoletile injection was eating a hearty belly ever.

Part IV. Norouirusudaietto of the year. (Laughs) This is not recommended.

The five. The pressure that I have I lose weight by working on now.

You like it? What helpful?

Speaking of which, how insurance companies who had a diet you say in a recent insurance seminar, the three case until now had eaten dinner, but it was reduced to two cups.

It is also reduced so it just 16kg.


healthy_Diary of light eating _two meals _Koda Equation  _12 kg in 100 days down_milk_diarrhea_diet_rice and fish _vegetables_tofu_supplement_current menu _Vitamin C_promotion body

Koda's doctor on his health

I want to be healthy! Diary of light eating two meals a day therapy practice Koda Equation  

12 kg in 100 days down!

Shows the concept looks like this: Dr. Koda. -
"Looking at the nutrients in milk Iemasu certainly good for the body. However, the Japanese are not meant to drink milk body. If you drink cold milk, out of 10, 7 to 8 people but the diarrhea, this is evidence not been able to tolerate lactose in milk against. In addition, milk protein, May also cause allergies, "the Japanese do not have a food and milk, is said to believe that Dr. Koda. Experience has taught the diet so far Japanese rice and fish has been eaten a long time, vegetables that is best suited for a meal and tofu. In addition, strong bones and general Ito Toyo also drink milk for a calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis, but it is said, Reported that drinking milk can help are many. For example, Australians and Swedes are drinking calcium intake of 1,000 milligrams per liter of milk a day, Japanese no more than that amount of milk, we know that there are many osteoporotic fractures of the femoral neck.

※ ※ current menu

・ ・ ・ Awakening about two glasses of water at room temperature (water usually) drink (promote defecation
 ・ ・ ・ Morning vegetable juice 200ml (one of which vegetables per day)
・ ・ ・ Hydration in the morning diligently persimmon tea! (Vitamin C & filtration promotion body)
 ・ ・ ・ Day the amount of rice in a bento wife / 2! (Germinated brown rice mix!)
 Night ・ ・ ・ 1 teacup rice / 2 cups, about half the dishes
・ ・ ・ Stop eating at all during
・ ・ ・ Sleep and then sleep over three hours after dinner!

beauty_relationship_liposuction _cosmetic_breast_hair loss _medical _anti-aging _hair salon _diet_Supplements

Supplements 4 fatloss &muscle gain

I am interested in beauty relationship, examining the safety of liposuction and cosmetic surgery, and was looking for a reputable shop in Tokyo breast.Silver recently experienced hair loss medical Shitarashiku was markedly thinner than the original legs were clean.

I heard a good anti-aging and whitening effect and even chat with people in the placental implantation reception when I went to orthodontic consultation fees, the future seems to consider this one.

When asked of her husband that the recent work of real estate, told me that he was amused by the various suggestions made on the prevention of baldness in the hair salon hair repair and friends.

I thought in the brains of older dogs is a good result so relieved. And organically grown vegetables to buy or use something popular or servers Water Their concern seemed to be from the usual health.

I recently acquired two wheels large holiday camp license was talking happily and he is out touring together.

It must contribute something to eat because uric acid has also raised liver function results in a weakening of the medical examination. Picky. Also it "extraordinary" is an unbalanced diet. Hatena, what to do.

Supplements? And receive advice.



lose weight _Power Bejideru _Diet_beauty

If you lose weight quickly and absolutely must see!       

  [Enzyme] Power Bejideru

Lose weight quickly reunion wedding date soon.

Wild fruits and vegetables, seaweed, and using plant materials to more than 100 carefully selected. Nutritious whole confit recipe is different.

 Although the culture of the enzyme is used in general, white sugar, brown sugar using this product. Vitamins and minerals are plentiful.

 The venerable maker of sake, old-fashioned recipe for a year in fermentation, aged one year, we spent more than a year ripening.

[Ok] can not tolerate those who hunger and anxiety!
Diet is said to be effective in both the beauty.


cosmetic _included_Seem_hospital treatment_counseling_breast_hyaluronic _acid_glucosamine_shape_beautiful_skin

Beauty Skin Care Routine

I have been impressed with cosmetic surgery is high, I think that one of them is included in the side too. Seem too interested in that side of my friend, I went to hear it aside for the expenses and hospital treatment.

If she is so careful to only get better care of sweat, they said they were relieved. It seems to be doing Bodipiasshingu and navel pierced.

She then led to counseling, I like this fit to go to counseling and care by word of mouth to find a cosmetic thing,Recently, surgery for breast Kiku Hiroshi think people want that kind of what seems to have been to counseling.

I went for cosmetic surgery at a hospital in her best way to inject hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, we will inject the required amount of hyaluronic acid bust according to the desired size and shape of the bust.

I do not need the incision, that he'll be a bust, enables sending a life. This method is used for those who want a high nose.

Glucosamine is used in surgery, indication for beautiful skin made of cartilage regeneration, and improve blood flow. Hyaluronic acid is a component in a lot of water they contain, so give them a very soft skin elasticity, like a sponge,I have a role and that of keeping moisture is likely to increase the efficacy leads to more intake together.

Surgery without a scalpel has also also said ThermaCool cosmetic surgery, this is the latest therapy equipment slack.

Using radiofrequency energy to heat many times with the laser intensity, gives the skin from deep thermal stimuli. -


pre-diet weight _weight loss_lose weight_rebound_body condition _backfire_irritation

Or more symptoms that increase the pre-diet weight after weight loss. I can successfully lose weight, go back away quickly, it would fail as a result of diet. Often than they gain weight at the start not only returns to normal diet.

Even acquaintances, in the first diet, 88kg → 85kg → 92kg experienced a rebound.

Cause of the rebound


Rebound is caused by an interruption in the diet plateau. As in the anti-plateau, the plateau effect of homeostasis, to absorb the maximum calories,Making a living constitution, as a minimum calories. (For survival of high-performance machine!)

In this state, movement back into yours to stop interrupting their meal diet, body condition and to spare the calories and all that is being stored as fat. Return to the starting weight as well as diet result is that they tend to gain weight than before.

Specific measures of rebound

Acts prohibited in the diet! Crazy diet and strenuous exercise

When the mechanism of the human body and cause rebound plateau, diet and extreme exertion suddenly, How can a diet not to know that I can do it. The goal of the diet and they are working completely backfire.

Or sudden exertion, by extreme dietary restriction, in order to be successful diet is to never be one that you should not.

Especially, "months, 1 10kg Kou Shigeru weight loss!" There are weight loss products have advertising like, from me, "Is it poison?" Or "Products What is the stimulant rebound? "I think they all like you.

Diet relieve irritation worst enemy

If he's frustrated that the greatest obstacle to this plateau diet can reduce the frustration as much as possible, the trick is to get along with the rebound plateau.One way to reduce frustration, "measures the weight recorded," is to


diet_Food_body weight_Diet success_determination_planning and execution _Verification _hypothesis_idea_special training

One diet is a concern regardless of gender. Food restriction, or control by, a kind of self-discipline to stop pointless increase in body weight, It is a diet. Diet success has anything to do or fail depending on the goals and efforts of individuals, at any rate, what arrangements are as follows.

① · · · determination

② · · · planning and execution

③ · · · Verification

④ · · · hypothesis

Back to ① ⑤

Without returning to ①, ② Does the pattern goes back to too much needed in the results, the decision itself did not those that actually will or even likely.

Casually as the rest of the important elements of the diet do have fun, I believe it. The results can be shared with anyone. Also be raised. -

... What? Recently, I was motivated Useta heard the theory that a diet based fast?

... So you do, take every idea.

"I have a diet based fast now"

Stop it now ... the idea that "I will have a gourmet de foie gras special training now" ... Now the idea is to adapt!

Recently, it's worth doing if you are even slightly interested in losing weight if you have a enough! Nonetheless, its contents, It is frightful overturn conventional wisdom about diet.

Wow, this is a push from all the food in his super speed is a lot. The message of the literature at the "gourmet de foie gras," Some heroes are It is said that even the unfortunate end of their excitement ahead forcefully. ... Yamemashou were so unreasonable that. You are "retired" should be the word he knows.

Training methods gourmet de foie gras concrete, so I put the body to show me, by all means more anxious.


lose weight_fat-suppressed_pan_body_microwave_sports_simple exercise._Goldfish training _stomach Diet _sugar-free _overweight_supplements

How to stay on a diet - Tips on how to diet and lose weight

Tip-minute fat-suppressed, or use a nonstick pan, is to adjust the amount of the fat in your body compensate for the use of microwave ovens. -In Citrus has no effect to promote fat burning. Some indication of the frustrations of solving and eliminating obesity. -

It's also popular to go to the gym, sports such as sit-ups can be done at home so you can start right now, I think in a really big advantage. And surely on the way from the frustration or even sports But please start with a simple exercise. Goldfish training exercise equipment is a considerable effect in improving bowel movement and are active in the stomach.Diet has been attracting attention as an aerobic exercise because it's nothing.

The important thing is the equivalent of the ideal diet noticed various reviews to see what might improve their dietary habits at all.
Basically, a drink is water, coffee and sugar-free fruit and apple in the morning every day, I feel like a lot of flights out. It's hard to imagine the reverse diet supplement fat, overweight and eat too much it will rely heavily on dietary supplements.


started dieting_diet_weight plus _Read the success story

Originally started dieting, and motivated, "I'll, I'm in" and immediate results, but you go out and exercise and diet control mode 'll Be disappointed, I long that eventually I get bored with, "quit, quit" they switched mode. It is hard to keep that began around was hard.

At such time as the advice, this blog Warrant comb addressed "To keep motivated in the long war" had appeared in an article. The advice is simple but the four, only effective if you run things properly.

One. Take some time to recognize that case

Rome was not built in a day. Not a day to the diet. And not properly recognize this and frustrated disappointed. What results come out so soon forget that you do not,
And they say. But experience also suggests directed comb, fell short of such weight that are pretty much back to the original short. (Better yet if I back.'s Often weight plus the original.) Dropped slowly over the meat does not need a long time, however, over the long term only, I'm not coming back.

2. Read the success story

"So I" "I was thus" a success story is well-suited to increase the motivation. Fortunately the internet is to find such information is no shortage of it is full.
Well, things pick right out of his motivation to raise the full information, but may use a little brains. Effect of success stories like other people but this is "it's possible. I myself, this way I'm doing, honestly, is the fruit properly." You know the first thing I can understand that.


Diet_winter_summer_weight_not performed from the diet_exercise_boring diet_work hard!_metabolic

Synergy Fitness Ultimate Metabolic Core Training

Thinspiration: Metabolic Body Typing: TonyaTko Endomorph, Mesomorph Ectomorph. What's Yours?

Diet for a New Year and say, things are very tough times can be easily understood. Year-end parties and events in New Year, Will also tend to change behavioral patterns and the rhythm of life is regarded as a coherent holiday.

 It is not a season of winter, or to ensure the strength to survive the summer, I tend to think more subcutaneous fat to maintain body temperature、Can ask the difficulties that the holiday season diet.

 According to a recent survey, the holiday weight gain in more than 70% of women aspire to diet and the average is 1.7kg I know the thing's been.

 Aspire to the national diet study - 20 women in their 40s, are being conducted over the Internet to 618 people, had put on weight as a reason, "not performed from the diet," "From no exercise, "" not aware of the diet, "I like to get an answer.

 Awareness about diet, "continued dieting method suits them," nearly 98 percent of something that "「It is important to understand the impact of the food eaten his body and calories ", and" feeling you can enjoy entertainment, diet is continued, "were accounted for and many opinions.

 "Diet not continue, there are things you failed?" On the question, the majority "Yes" answer "did not match the way their diet"「How boring diet, "" on a diet, did not know the correct knowledge, "and why are the majority.

Last year's goal, how we almost achieved? Kg diet was one more goal forever You're smart I diet. . . Continue to work hard!

Escape from the group blog metabolic syndrome diet success



5 Diets, 5 Success Stories

Every day, watching the international swimming roof of the house, bang bang away for the holiday season rush into thinking I was replying to what you think, this late,

There have to feel that time has passed too, but this week has now entered pre-pregnancy pants! Some time it was three and a half months postpartum,I think there should be conscious of the effects of life and pelvic exercises last month.
Following the strength to drop, every day was doing prenatal wii fit is going to resume the exercise of. It pains Baransuporuekusasaizu learned, too, so forget about the end of the school movement 、I still forget to move the end of the school, and I thought a nice simple reminder 頂Ketara handouts. I think the training is such a welcome email.

A similar way, right Irasshaimasu. FYI everyone training, put leave.けど 自分 I think guys have to be difficult to think with muscles.
About the training I will look to HP to "twist to training" very interested. In relation to that, you may ask, we have e-mail. Height 173cm, weight 75kg, 22 percent of body fat percent.

This year marks the 13th year I started weight training at age 28 (age 41) is. I'm happy to get 13 consecutive years. But I still just starting to think it is right.
In the past athletic history whatsoever.

The sport was totally useless as I say, something in a book of "well-developed muscles are what the age," read a saying.

Twist to put in training, is a mistake to think of the weight bench grades.
I understand if you're on the bench competition, training room, weight of grades is not allowed to think. Rule of thumb is to think, I know it makes sense, Training to twist it even believe it will hinder the effect.

Apart from that, Max 50kg bench, I do not understand the form and on the bench. 100kg squat too, but I question whether the far lower.

It is to twist and training is that it is another matter entirely please understand. Focus should be put to work either ineffective or not the weight, increase training effectiveness.

Muscle, the weight of the barbell like it I do not know.

Form, speed, interval, weight will vary.


diet_success_half down _kilograms_calories_smiling

Recently heard a story of how the term diet success.

Is it true that a successful year and a half down a whopping 25 kilograms. Smart look alike, so he was very natural for the body, I was rather surprised that much weight.What did you do? ? I heard that.

Did you have that person

"Diet" Recording

Way to keep track of so-called called. The mouth was recorded entirely surprising to Wed from morning till night anyway, you going to record it.

It just

Yes, but I ate more calories if you know it. By doing so, I was like a snack so much,So it just naturally became aware of the change or did not know that I have a melon bread calories.
Actually begun to feel, sometimes one is tuned to eat their own weight, and looks like going to choose the one with less calories, more and more like the lean was delighted

Rather than put up with things like love, able to balance the meal, while awareness is a good thing.

Anything that is so difficult to me to be a habit. But with one step beyond that of practice, which may be the secret of the diet becomes rather fun.

I hate people movement, said it'll continue to exercise at how much people like sweet, sweet thing stop me to say that I think is impossible.

In a way that suits them, each to control the body. It is ideal that!
By the way, I am. . . Our school has a well balanced combination of protein and Walking

Please spend the night in Happisouru everyone today

So please tell me a shortcut to success?

「Always smiling, maybe 」

Thanks, this project specifically, like this, is how people, places seem to expect such a response not matter.

Indeed, imitate their success is a shortcut to it of course legendary. But, just because you imitate not the same. Human thought, human power, that person is different.

Even going by pretending, after all, it is no more than your own equipment. So even when you do business, common to all is essential, "smile" all the behind the success of the project, there is a smile.

Around, and smiling people unhappy? You do not. From that success, not laugh, because he laughed and succeed.

Around, and smiling people unhappy? You do not. From that success, not laugh, because he laughed and succeed.


Russet brown_fight off _diet_Fat_New Year_massage_寝正月_body

Russet brown, and fight off the diet effect the swelling?

Fat law was introduced to fight off the New Year.
Had been introduced in two ways, one of the "brown russet," and one "knob intestinal lymphatic massage" is.
Swelling was a way to take both.

To say that the swelling is related to fat and why the New Year, a lot of salt intake in the New Year New Year dishes, spread by blood vessels alcohol ,Stagnant water in the body in the 寝正月 lack of exercise ... It seems that the scheme tends to occur.

Tea red bean, but that's unfamiliar enough, was among the programs featured in the recipe.

From this day 300 400ml, 2.3 seems a good time and drink separately.

Intestinal lymphatic massage knob; way;

Only slowly and picks up both hands and gently down to the navel or omissions minutes. If you feel the cold part, because the focus on the possibility that it is causing the swelling.

From cold and swelling usually much they care about is doing a good foot massage technique using a tennis ball in two television shows.

I tried the newly intestinal lymphatic massage knob, which is nice. After all, "part feels cold," very plainly, and awoke the next morning and made clear to focus on it.

This was followed by some time I decided to massage law.


weight_down_success stories _diet_weeks 3kg_motivation

Diet Recipe - Go Banana's!

But saw something interesting on TV long time ago. The story of a foreign couple, but his wife is very very fat.

The weight is 200 km or 300 km, can not even stand up to walk by myself. At that feeling that it was not fat anymore.

Diet for life that there is a danger of his wife, now down to 100 km generations can surely is that the normal life success stories [diet] was.

What happens on the show why what life was also drawn great interest to introduce it with the images of the time.

After all, diet and effective way What's the What? Updated since the New Year despite being fat, we have to write an article like the core vague. I have no shame.

 Not accomplish any goal remains 70 kg, with an attempt to de-landing in a negative way. Hold out on a place here, so doubt I can not find ways to diet effectively. Please acknowledge that.

 Weight also dropped significantly, was not a special diet so it does not. Just, moderate exercise and moderate diet, but it is exhausted to do it.

Personally, I just said, "The Sun 3 1kg" or "weeks 3kg" or, in the diet of what we think it fit.
But clearly the numbers appear as the first step of the effort, I think it is important to maintain our motivation as well.


Tourmaline soap _Wakiga_disappears_surprisingly unaware_it smells like_Fragrance-free_non-detergent

Tourmaline soap mysterious spirit Wakiga body odor body odor disappears

- Recommended to those who are not satisfied even with the odor of soap everywhere! -

It is the smell of his surprisingly unaware. People do not notice the smell of delicate habit.

Why? Body odor smell on me is also hard to say, even lover couple.
While noticing so behind, "it smells like!" I never hate.

To cover up a bad smell, body odor does not disappear even if the underlying coverage cologne and perfume is not temporary.Looks better with the pure fragrance used in perfumes and odor-free state. The base is cut from the original cause of the odor, "etiquette" is.

Can be used with confidence to the baby from her hair.

Choose your basic soap which point do I try?

By the action of hydroxyl generated by the tourmaline, the smell of the side, foot odor, body odor will no longer care about the body odor.
 The smell in the areas of concern, especially one without whipped - please rinse with 2 minutes left. Also refreshing delicate female body odor.
 Fragrance-free, color free, 100% natural oils in your skin-friendly soap! It safe for babies in non-detergent?
 The occurrence of negative ions is difficult to be out of the back and buttocks acne pimples to remove and clean the lipid peroxide acne pimples.
 Seen from about 40 years, refreshing body] [body odor is caused nonenal also degraded.


weight_diet_diet water_magnesium_minerals_drink_tofu

And ashamed to talk about your weight, height and my 160cm, 49kg were married at. However, given birth to two children, Why do not you notice the 55kg.Have tried various diets, and can not stop love sweets anyway, just hungry for the constitution, which did not last long.

Unexpectedly, however, met the perfect diet to me, was reduced by 3 9kg months. Then I passed that no rebound is about one year.Now my weight, 46kg. Body is light, good condition, so every day, I'm having a clean feeling.

The way the first "Wed bittern diet" to try to do, week 1 4.5kg weight is down, so suddenly, so thin, since the "diet water" to switch, you lose weight naturally Iki was. -

The main component of brine, take magnesium from sea water, rich in minerals. Is also used to strengthen the traditional tofu.Just because it's something good for the body, in the wake of a friend suggested, tofu shop in the supermarket, I bought one for making tofu liquid bittern.

500cc for bottled water, and about 3 / 1 tsp mixed with brine, meals and snacks just before the 300 ~ 400cc drink much.Then, fill up a kind of stomach, would satisfy about half the usual amount of food and snacks.Then, when you were lonely and mouth between meals, I had gone earlier carelessly pinching cookies and other sweet things, drink water instead of still bittern. Then a strange feeling of hunger will be appeased. Since water will come hungry and also a few moments, drinking water brine each time, meal time is the next in the meantime.

In this way, drank about 3 liters of water per day bittern and total. But rather than necessarily need to drink three liters, and before I go to bed at night and between meals,I feel like when the snacks are a little hungry, so drinking water was often bittern now this amount as a result.

dropped 2 kg _jogging_walking_Puarutikapuseru_3 kg _supplement_Black tea _diet

I dropped 2 kg per week. The end of a busy, holiday, Christmas. Time to eat without rice.

And today s run with a goal from start to finish jogging.

The distance is about five or six but I think that kilometers.

Well, when you started a month ago, was walking at about 1 km

Of course, it was too much on the pace. Recently examined jogging on the Internet.

The right pace. Can run the pace I ran to the head while talking

Noro Noro one month after running, then I am going to raise the pace a little.

At the end of next year, can run about 10 kg I want to.

The recent long that people along the banks of the house, I guess what I'm burning the garbage in the yard.

Eight long years that continues to sell, supplement, Puarutikapuseru

It is important tea diet capsule with the same effect can be obtained at once Black tea drinking terribly dark.

That we have introduced before, may now drink it fell 3 kg
Oh wow, Awesome is the one sure worked out supplement. 1 kg less body weight 計Ttara I come back to this restaurant before too.

When eating out I should have more normal.

I walked a little mystery of what was good.

I can not reduce body weight every day as one by one hundred grams of the very first time I just Ikimasen.

That the soaring increase in weight as previously thought and it still is not drinking.Saying similar things to your friends, or something behind the information is reduced by 2 kg per week


powerful_sesame oil _diet_lose weight __Moreover, our diet is good

When eaten in large amounts, a powerful enemy in sesame oil diet

Then, about two weeks. . . Until then, one more scheduled for the first km, I think that if two kilometers lose weight now, I'm very impatient if the time

As a fan, so go a little lean, chili oil, the "List of Yasetara eat" (I was making such a thing) I'll keep the mouth

This was a new recipe to try.

I bought a coconut, cut it what's on it.


I roasted or something broke in 削I, much effort Kakarurashiku, person, do not do anymore of this. And coconut cream rather than milk, and plain or ~ ~ is a taste of coconut.

As I was refreshing to have the whole, I think a good thought. That coconut cream or milk, I think we will taste more persistent from them.

Moreover, our diet is good


Happy New Year_healthy_lose weight _yoga

2011 Happy New Year!

My goal this year

☆That healthy ☆

I usually always energetic, a bit tired recently, so I take care to live in the body.
Very fat and I recently (scared to catch the scales), so I think I lose weight best.
Immediately early next year, I went to hot yoga.Hot Yoga, dripping with sweat, the body becomes too soft, it will very good for the mind calm. Even after one day, a warm body.

Heavy body. Surely eat this holiday season has passed.This year the annual consumption of calories but also will eat too much because few other New Year's wife is out of work for all.Me, wild life People not at home because my daughter.

The fat eating and sleeping up again Well is it coming of nature. Absolutely to welcome the New Year's Eve in a swimsuit at this year's South Island, lose weight! Well, ♪ Want to Lose Weight -


If I fail to lose weight Go to the onsen